Skullcandy SCE-3B Link Earbuds – Universal Plug

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Skullcandy LINK connects your cellular telephone with any music device. Listen to your music and use your cellphone hands-free through your headphones, without ever touching either device! When a call is received while listening to your music, you can either eliminate the music entirely, or simply reduce the music volume with the inline volume control, and listen to both the music and the cell at the same time! You can also place calls through your Skullcandy Link headphones, without ever touching you phone, while continuing to listen to your music, or without music! Fully supportive with Voic

These lightweight stereo earbuds actually double as a handsfree accessory for your phone, allowing you to switch between your music and your calls at the touch of a button. The Link Earbuds come with one plug for the handsfree port of your mobile phone and a standard 3.5mm miniplug for a music player. When a call comes in while you’re listening to your music player, you can either mute the music entirely or reduce it with the in-line volume control. A super-sensitive mic picks up your side of the conversation. The caller on the other end will not be able to hear the music you’re playing. The s

  • Earbuds allow you to switch effortlessly between your music player and mobile phone
  • One-touch button allows you to easily answer the phone when someone calls
  • In-line volume control allows you to mute or listen to music during your phone calls
  • Super-sensitive mic with shirt clip
  • Compatible with voice-dialing phone features

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Skullcandy SCE-3B Link Earbuds - Universal Plug

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Skullcandy SCE-3B Link Earbuds - Universal Plug